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To Thyself Be True Crystal Grid Activation

Hello my beautiful souls!

Thank you for purchasing the To Thyself Be True Crystal Candle or should I say experience???! The intention when creating this candle was to create a sacred container for activations to be brought through. These activations and experiences are tailor made to usher in the essence of the divine feminine, and truly help you embody this divine aspect of your being.

As you begin to work with the crystals and the candle you will create more passionate, pleasurable, creative, and intuitive experiences for yourself. The intention is for you to truly embody all these qualities that have felt suppressed by the patriarchal society and conditions we have been brought up in.

With that being said, I wanted to share with you some ways to use the crystals when the candle has finished burning. As you create with these crystals, you are illuminating the divine mother within you, allowing for this energy to freely flow with the sacred masculine.

Crystal Grids: (roses not included but a beautiful touch, if I do say so myself)

**I also recommend saving the crystals after they are done burning. It is always a good idea to sage crystals because you want to bring your energy into their consciousness and into the grid. So highly recommend saging before creating the crystal grid. **

Okay, time to have some fun!

Here are some ways you can use the crystals after the candle has finished burning!

Crystal grid activation

crystal grid activation

When creating the crystal grid, let the divine feminine within you take the lead, having fun with the plcement of each crystal. If you feel like adding more crystals to create a larger grid- go for it! The flowers were kinda difficult to getup of the candle because of the wax, so I used dried rose petals I had to add an elevated touch to the grid. Remember these are just ideas, so use whatever calls to you, and see what magic comes through!

Crystal Grid Activation Prayer:

So when you are ready to activate the grid, I invite you to take a few centering breaths and really feel into the sacred space you created.

Then you can either channel your own message into the grid or use the one provided!

"I call upon my Highest Self, my holy essence to infuse this crystal grid with the highest vibration of love, light, passion, pleasure, play, sensuality, creativity, and intuitive connection. May this crystal grid bring forth the essence of the divine feminine, activating these qualities within me and within my space here and now. May the crystal consciousness of the amethyst and opalite be activated within my crystalline chromosomes. May the order of the rose, which holds the highest vibration of divine wisdom and unconditional love be infused into this grid and in my cells now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you- this grid is now activated, and so it is"

Take whatever resonnates with you, and leave the rest! Thank you again for investing in your healing and calling into balance the divine feminine within you. Let me know what you create in the comments below!



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