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Know Thyself...

If you learn anything in this lifetime, let it be to know yourself, fully. Know what you like, what doesn't serve you, what lights you on fire, and what breaks your heart. The more we move and live our edge of growth, the more we begin to understand who we are, and let our Higher Selves lead us.

"There is only one of me, and that is my greatest gift."- Amanda J Shannon

Know Yourself

Personal Note: I am experiencing a massive shift in my consciousness as well as in every area of my life because I am teaching myself how to live on my growth edge. I am realizing what serves me on certain days, and what no longer fuels my fire. It's actually quite beautiful because the more I know myself, the more I can show up authentically for others.

All of our growth edges are going to look different because we are all unique. No two people are the same, we come from the same place, but God designed us so intricately that no one will/can ever be us. I have come to see my individuality as a divine gift. It brings me peace to know that I no longer feel called to compare myself to others because no one is expressing these messages in the same way as I am. Now, I am still drawing inspiration and wisdom from those around me because that is why we are also here together, but the "need" to compare myself has drifted away like the night before the break of dawn.

It's freeing, it's liberating, and even emotional to move into this place of your life where anything is possible because you believe in yourself and you can see yourself for the first time. Maybe there have been glimpses of the true, authentic you, but now you are fully honoring him/her, and it is like you are being reborn again.

This is a journey that has no ending, it is simply all with which you choose to create for yourself. To know thyself means knowing your worth. It means to know what doesn't vibe with you, and having the courage to raise your standards and set a higher bar for yourself to walk on. When we come to know ourselves, we are standing in the fullness of our power, shifting from this mindset of collective suffering to limitless possibilities. For the longest time I sat and visualized myself living in my highest timeline, but now I know I am. I have noticed a shift and I'm not sure where this journey will take me, but I know that all roads lead to God, and I am receiving exactly what is meant for my soul to evolve and expand, and serve in this lifetime.

So today, my beautiful angels I encourage you to begin to live on your growth edge. Do things that push you outside of your comfort zone, and say yes to things that you normally wouldn't say yes to, with the intention that it is going to lead you down this mystical and magical path.

Here are a few more tips on leveling-up and getting to know yourself deeply and intricately:

  1. Get out of your own way: Sometimes we are stuck sitting with our shadow and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to surrender and let it go to God. I've sat countless times trying to find solutions for my "problems" but when I began surrendering my days, my worries and woes over to the Divine Creator I started to see that none of what I was carrying was mine to carry. These were the burdens of ancestors past, of traumas that were ready to be released, and even other peoples projections and words that I had taken on as my own. One of the best ways to know yourself is to find yourself in God, and get out of your own way.

  2. Do one thing per day that brings you joy!- Today that was crying for me and giving myself space to let my emotions out. I didn't know why I was upset but I knew that a part of me wanted to cry and be upset and be heard and seen, so I cared for that piece of me. Everyday will look a bit different but as we continue to focus on what brings us joy, the more we lean into that energy and understand who we are on every level.

  3. Do something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone: I mentioned this a bit, but I view this as leveling up or raising the bar for yourself. When we are operating in a place of suffering and co-dependency our standards can be pretty low in terms of how we see ourselves and what we allow into our lives. As we continue to evolve and raise our awareness, we begin to see what doesn't feel good and in that, we nourish our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual etc.) therefore, drawing our power back to us. I recently became aware of all the heavy metals and toxins that were going into my water and my environment, so with the resources that I had, I began to prioritize my health and invest in this new, higher conscious way of living. And with that said, I can literally feel my power returning to me and it is shifting everything in my life. When we raise the bar in one vital aspect of our lives, everything else rises alongside side of it.

There's so much more that I can talk about on this blog, but everything can unfold with little miracles each day. The biggest takeaway that I pray for you, is that you begin to ask yourself what lights you up, and how you can nourish those parts of yourself. Also becoming aware of areas of your life that you can raise your standards, and let these standards be the new norm in which you live by. These are all opportunities sent by God to help us evolve into the highest versions of ourselves because again, all things with God are possible.

Thank you so much for tuning in, and many blessings.



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