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Navigating The Lunar Eclipse

Hello Beautiful Souls!!

Welcome to the Eclipse Season and boy oh boy, what a powerful time it is to be alive and conscious.

We are here to step into our multi-dimensionality and the eclipses (both lunar and solar) offer us a gateway to do so with an extra boost of energy! Although the energy may seem a bit intense with this Lunar Eclipse that just occurred on Monday March 25th, and the Solar Eclipse that is coming up on April 8th, this is a beautiful opportunity to set intentions, and release old behaviors and realities that no longer serve you.

Although the eclipses happen on certain days, you can feel the energy of these cosmic events weeks before the actual eclipse. So today, I really wanted to provide you with a guide map on how to navigate the energetic waves of the lunar eclipse that is here to shake things up and usher forth new powerful timelines and beginnings.

What does this lunar energy mean? The lunar eclipse is all about the hidden aspects of our soul, the parts of us that we choose hideaway for fear of these pieces being rejected, or viewed as unworthy. These are the darker aspects of our soul. However, they are now coming to the light to be acknowledged, and as we begin to look at them with love and compassion they teach us where we have been stagnant or inauthentic in all areas of our lives. This specific lunar eclipse was in the sign of Libra which means that the shadow self is here to teach us where we have been investing our energy in terms of relationships. Relationships can mean anything that you give your energy, health and wellness, interpersonal relationships, etc. So this eclipse is asking us to be very honest with ourselves when it comes to how we are showing up in our relationships. Are there karmic patterns that are asking to be released? Has a relationship served its purpose? How are you evolving and expanding in your relationships?

What is being activated within us? - The energy of this lunar eclipse is activating your power. Our power as creators in this world are being activated and awakened, so be present to feelings your body sends you as what you may be doing and who you may be hanging around with, may not serve you anymore. It is time to lead with truth and conviction in your sovereignty.

To help navigate this energetic period of time, I have put together some ways you can support yourself!!

A few ways to take care of your needs during the lunar eclipse:

  1. Red Light Therapy: One of my favorite ways to reprogram my cells and clear out the stale energy is with red light therapy. Red light therapy repairs the nerve endings, and replenishes the cells, so that they aren't swimming in that old stagnant energy. This allows you the opportunity to talk to your cells and infuse them with then intentions and the words that you are calling in for this season of your life. If you don't have access to red light therapy, take a few moments in the morning and talk to your cells! You can reprogram and replenish your body just with your words!

  2. Nourishing Foods- Give your body what it needs. Whether that is a hearty and grounding meal or something light and airy. The body is our holy temple and a psychic portal to our internal workings, so it will tell you what it needs to navigate these waves of energetic change. My advice is to listen to your body's needs, and feed it what it is asking for. This also means drinking an adequate amount of water.

  3. Rest & Recover- Some may feel super alive during this time, but with the lunar energy we may be having restless nights which cause for sleepy days. If you can, prioritize rest and rejuvenation by going to bed earlier, taking a cat nap throughout the day, or even spending some time meditating. It's' okay to relax and do "nothing" as this allows all chakra systems to receive a break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Questions to Ask Yourself During this Eclipse Season...

  1. Am I being authentic in my relationships?

  2. Are there aspects of my relationships that are ready to be released?

  3. Do I feel like there are karmic ties that are ready to be let go of? If so, what have I learned from these experiences and what wisdom can I take within me on my journey?

Stay tuned for the next blog post on navigating the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 8th! In this upcoming blog post we will talk about this masculine energy that is available to us, and how to use this energy to ignite our solar plexus chakra!

With Love,

Amanda Shannon

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