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Ego Death: Lessons Learned

Change is the only constant thing, and if we aren’t changing well then, we are dead.

IDK about you but this solar eclipse has brought up soooo many shifts within me, and I just felt called to write about what I am experiencing because this can help you as well. When we heal, we heal together. 

As transformations typically happen, you feel so strongly called in one direction and then BAM…it hits you. Knocks you out, and you are right back on your knees, surrendering your life over to God. That’s at least how I have been feeling, and let me tell you, it is one of the most beautiful and painful experiences. 

You may also be going through something similar , so I wanted to share the lessons that I have received from my experience.

ego death

4 Lessons Learned from my Ego Death:

Sitting with the Sadness:

Being able to see and sit with the sadness I have been feeling has been powerful to say the least. I say that because this is truly the first time that I haven’t tried to mend the wound or “fix” what my ego thought was broken. I have, in this period of my life, allowed for myself to be present with the sadness and understand what it is here to show me and teach me. In this sadness, I have become a witness to my words and how they aligned or strayed from my truth. I have for the longest time, always put on a brave face and when people have asked me how I was doing, I have said words like wonderful divine, immaculate, and yes sure, a part of me is still that loving and warm presence, but when I started to say words like I am feeling sad, and hurt, and upset, OMG it was this relief that I was able to express myself fully and be seen in my truth. No longer do I have the energy to mask what is going on and who I truly am. And what a liberating lesson this has been for me. 

Die Well, Die Thoroughly: 

Be with the death of your ego, be the doula helping this piece of you cross over to the other side. When we try to mend or just move on from the feelings of uncomfortability, we don't truly process all that this beautiful awakening/ending is gifting to us. Yes, it may not seem like a gift, but it is because we are expanding and evolving, coming closer to our connection with God. When I say die well, and die thoroughly what I mean is to sit with the beliefs that are arising and understand where they came from, and acknowledge that they have served their purpose in your soul’s journey. When we sit with these beliefs and patterns we help them crossover to the light, therefore releasing from the soul forevermore. And again, how liberating is that, knowing you are finished carrying these weights on your shoulders and within your heart. 

Take time to pause, reflect, rejoice and mourn this transformation process, it is the crux of your evolution and deserves to be honored.

Honor Yourself: 

Honor your grieving process, just like we honor the emotions that arise when we grief. This is a time to fully surrender and be with yourself. In order to grow into your fullest light, we are here to acknowledge the shadows and the darker emotions that the human experience exposes us to, and view this process as sacred. Every emotion, every belief whether you enjoyed the experience or not, deserves to be honored because it was and is a part of you and your soul’s evolution. The whole point of death and rebirth is to come to know yourself more deeply than you had before. So, take these experiences as an opportunity to withdraw and go within and sit with yourself. Be the mother, be the father to the inner child, and allow for your heart to be seen in all of its glory. That is what I have learned so much, is that nothing is more sacred to me than myself and knowing myself and honoring myself, in whatever way God presents that lesson. I am here to know myself deeply and intimately and within this awareness is how I can serve the greater good of humanity. 

Surrendering Attachments & False Beliefs: 

Let's talk about the concept of surrender and attachment because the ego is here to try to keep us attached to external objects and dreams and beliefs that hold us abc and place us in a box of limitations. It is our job to see this, acknowledge that this is happening by taking responsibility for our actions, and surrender everything over to God. In this ego death, the biggest realization was how much of my energy I had attached to my dreams and my way of how my life was going to look, instead of surrendering and letting God show me how my life was meant to be led. This is something I am still actively working through as well, and it’s a daily practice of surrender and forgiveness. Something that has been super helpful in this death of the ego, is awakening everyday and saying, “God, I don’t know who I am, what I am doing, show me. Show me the way forward and I shall follow, for it is your will that is done, not mine.” Take this and apply as you wish, but the bottom line is that we must surrender our attachments to truly fulfill our divine purpose.  

I pray that these lessons resonated with you, and that you take away something from this blog post that helps you move through this period of transformation in your life. 

From my heart to yours,


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