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Welcome Friends!! This page is dedicated to our wonderful partners! Here you will find resources, discounts, and info intended to help you live a consciousness and elevated life. I told you, I am here to assist your spiritual journey in anyway that I can, and partnerships allow for conscious minds to come together, and create pathways of light for you to walk on. 

Our intention with our partnerships is for all parties to thrive and grow, as we understand abundance and prosperity is for all, not just for some. 

Interested in collaborating? Email and we can connect! 

Mighty Tree Properties

So IDK if you know this but Sedona, is a very magical and healing oasis found in the Red Rocks of Arizona. Whenever you book a place to stay you want to make sure it's clean, reputable, and feels safe, which is why I've partnered with Might Tree Properties. They offer luxury rentals, with remarkable amenities, all amid the Sedona Red Rocks. Booking with them will create a once in a lifetime experience, that will truly make your Sedona healing journey one to remember.  

Use Discount Code "ModernMuse" for 5% off your entire stay.

Check out their website and accommodations here:

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