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Hi, I'm Amanda!

And I am SO glad you are here! Your heart, mind, and soul are ready for big changes, how exciting! I am here to support your journey in living your most authentic and purposeful life yet! 

My Mission 

My Mission is to guide souls home towards the light of God that lives within them. Empowering and inspiring these souls to step into their most authentic and radiant Self, so they can truly feel the limitless nature of their soul, and fulfill their divine purpose here in this lifetime. 

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Vision Statement

My vision is to see a world where we place God at the center of our lives. Peace, Bliss, Harmony, Abundance, Joy, Love are the energies in which we choose to live in, and create from. A world united, where harmony flows freely, and we communicate by way of the sacred heart. We are inspired, empowered, and uplifted by the grace of God and each other. We honor each other’s passions and celebrate our unique gifts and purposes. It is with this vision, that I create from, and cultivate into everything that you will see across all of my platforms.

A Little About Me...

A few years back aka post-grad, I felt so lost and overwhelmed by the pressures and expectations of adulthood. For me, it wasn't a smooth transition out of college, and I felt a total lack of support when it came to navigating this new terrain. I quickly fell into bad habits which created a cycle of existing but not truly living. I tried anything to escape from the pain of inadequacy, and trauma that I didn't even know was there. From heavy drug use and drinking to harmful and reckless behaviors, I was stuck in a loop with no way out (or so I thought).


Then one day in 2021, along came Divine Intervention in the form of a massive spiritual awakening. Suddenly, the walls came down, the beliefs started to shift, and I began to feel a spark for life. With this awakening, I had this greater sense of purpose in the world. I was able to feel energy, channel angels, and tap into my spiritual gifts like never before.


I surrendered my life over to Spirit, and dedicated my life to healing. As I began to work with the angels, I traded in bad habits, negative thoughts, and old beliefs for meditation, energy work, and spiritual communication. I felt freaking great. I never thought it was possible to truly live as your authentic Self, but with God anything is possible. With God, I have faced and overcome my sexual trauma, drug abuse, and fears of inadequacy, abandonment, and failure. 

From that moment on, I knew I was being called to teach what I had learned, so I could inspire and assist others in releasing limiting beliefs, surrendering to Spirit, and living as their Higher Self

My passions for personal growth and spirituality drove me to create the brand you see today. 

I am an angelic energy healer, clairvoyant, intuitive, and spiritual teacher.


I am here to guide you back to your Self through the powers of energy healing, guided meditation, crystal magic, angelic communication, intuitive development, and yoga & mindfulness. 



The Transformation Process: 

Through any of my services and memberships, the intention is for you to receive transformative step-by-step guidance and practical tools that will help you: 

1. Acknowledge the fear of unworthiness, failure, & abandonment, and accept spiritual healing into your life. 

2. Release the limiting beliefs, doubt, and energetic blockages that have kept you feeling stuck in a loop. 

3. Learn how to cultivate a relationship with the angels to step into your Higher Self, enhance your intuition, and raise your energetic frequency.

4. Live with and maintain a deep sense of purpose, peace, and spiritual connection to the Collective Consciousness and your Higher Self. 

Connect With Me! 

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