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Private Events 

Are you looking to elevate your vacation while in Sedona, AZ? Well then, my beautiful souls, you definitely want to check out my private events because they bring a next-level experience to your vacation. The private events are completely customizable( offered both in a 1:1 session and group setting), and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your Airbnb! Previous events include: bachelorette parties, girls trips, healing ceremonies etc. 

Amanda came to our airbnb in Sedona and did readings for our party of 13 ladies! I interviewed several potential intuitives/energy workers for this event and it was very clear that Amanda was the right choice. The readings were overall very profound experience. It was very fun also getting to hear about everyone’s readings and sharing my own experience. No one got a similar reading as they were very individualized, unique and tailored to each person. After my personal reading I am left feeling very connected to my higher self, my angel guides as well as how to nurture my spirituality on the day to day. Amanda has given us a lot of hope, validation, tools, & good vibes :). I highly recommend connecting with Amanda and I hope to do so again in the future! - Alisa

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