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Through Our Angels We Will Attain Our Higher Selves

Awaken To The Limitless Nature of Your Soul.

Experience Freedom, Peace, and Purpose in ALL Areas of Your Life. 

Feel Good, like Really, Really Good. 

Welcome Friends! My name is Amanda, and I've created this divine sanctuary where you can come, play, and heal at your own pace and in your own way. No one's healing journey is the same, and I get that. That's why I am giving you practical tools and insights to navigate your life with greater clarity and purpose. My intention is to help you release the fear and come home to your Higher Self. 

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Join the Cosmic Playground and gain 1:1 guidance as your curate your spiritual journey. 

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All the spiritual inspiration, and motivation for living a bold and beautiful existence.

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Angel Memebership

Are you ready to rewrite the storyline of your life, and awaken to your Higher Self? 

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Meditation 101

Raise your vibration, deepen your spiritual connection, and manifest your heart's desires through the art of meditation. 


A Little About Me!

As an angelic intuitive, I use my gifts and passion for spiritual growth to assist others in connecting with their angels and team of light-beings, to curate and empower their own spiritual journey.

My services, courses, and membership are intended to activate your authentic self, to experience absolute freedom, peace, and joy in your life.

My intention is for you to see the light that lives within you, so that you may then hold the light for others to see.


What The Soul Tribe Says...

"I started my spiritual journey full of doubt and fear. I found Modern Muse LLC / Amanda through Yoga and Angel classes. The experience has been so transformative. I have learned to trust myself, my intuition, release fear, enjoy life my way, and to just listen. She is amazing and I recommend anyone who need a spiritual hug, no matter what your beliefs are, take one of her amazing classes. You will not regret it!"

- Mary Dredge

Amanda has a true gift with Angels. Simply being in her presence and energy field shifted and elevated my consciousness profoundly. 


Amanda taught me - and helped me several times - with one of her key techniques - hiring an Angel. 


Each time this worked miracles for me. Amanda hired an Angel, Janelle, on my behalf. 19 minutes later I received a call that changed my life forever. It was some of the best news I had ever received an answer to a huge prayer I had been praying. 


Amanda’s connection with the angels is truly profound and a gift to be shared with this world. 


For those who are guided to work with her you will not be disappointed. She has a special form of Angel Magic that is beyond what I had formerly known. 

- Katie Stone 

Amanda is a gem and a treasure. She is such a wonderful, comforting light and I am so thankful to have been guided by her during a yoga session, as well as an angel reading! Even as a beginner, in both strengthening my spirituality and in yoga, I felt so comfortable and surrounded by love in her presence. I was able to truly connect to my higher self and relax, while also making significant progress in my own spiritual journey. If you are given the opportunity to work with her, DO IT! You will be so happy you did :)

- Liz Mckenzie

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