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Through Our Angels We Will Attain Our Higher Selves

Embrace Your Authenticity, Awaken Your Intuition, and Step Into the Radiant, Empowered Version Of Yourself. 

Feel Good, like Really, Really Good. 

Welcome Friends! My name is Amanda, and I've created this divine sanctuary where you can come, play, and heal at your own pace and in your own way. No one's healing journey is the same, and I get that. That's why I am giving you practical tools and insights to navigate your life with greater clarity and purpose. My intention is to help you release the fear and come home to your Higher Self. 

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Just getting started on your spiritual journey? You've come to the right place! Gain clarity and guidance on your awakening path with Angel Readings, Angel Reiki, Guided Yoga & Meditation, and so much more!  


Advanced Lightworker

Let's kick your awakening journey into high gear, and really assist with anchoring you into your multi-dimensional Self with DNA activations, Light Body Transmissions, and Quantum Healing Reiki Services.


Are you ready to awaken your inner light, create a community of like-minded individuals, and receive monthly messages on embodying your Higher Self? Our Memberships are here to anchor you into your light with monthly guidance, group calls, meditations, tips & tricks and so much more. We are here to support each other as we awaken, and these memberships offer just that! 


A Little About Me!

As an angelic intuitive & energy healer, I use my gifts and passion for spiritual growth to assist you in connecting with your angels and team of light-beings, to empower your own spiritual journey.

My services, courses, and memberships are intended to help you step into your soul embodiment, so you may experience absolute freedom, peace, and joy in your life.

My intention is for you to discover  the light that lives within you, so that you can shine for the world to see.


What The Soul Tribe Says...

Amanda's angel classes are informative, authentic, and inspired. Not only are her meditations transformative, but her guidance in accessing the wisdom of my angels, spirit guides, and inner child has been world-changing. I highly recommend Angel Classes to anyone and everyone who wants to commit to doing this inner work, or even to the "beginner" who is looking for a little guidance in any aspect of their life. Amanda not only has a gift, but is intent on helping you to access your own!- Meghan K. 

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