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If it's not a F*** YES, it's a No. - Tips on Protecting Your Energy.

When it comes to living as your divine, authentic self, setting boundaries becomes a critical part of your master plan. For so long, I would give in and say yes to things or relationships that didn't serve my highest good, and would leave feeling worn out and exhausted. After constantly stressing myself out, I recognized the need to create healthy boundaries in my life, and learn how to say no to people, places, and things that were holding me back. TBH- this was super scary at first because I was so concerned with what people were going to think if I said no. But you know what happened?! These people respected and appreciated the fact that I spoke my truth, and internally I felt waaaaay better and more at peace. It was like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders as this belief of people pleasing slowly melted away. No longer was I trying to be who everyone else wanted me to be, and instead I choose to protect my Self.

"I am not for everyone and that is my magic, and you can not take that from me." - Flowers on The Moon.

I want you, the reader, to know how to your protect your energy, especially as you evolve spiritually. This can help you navigate through intense periods of change and handle other's energetic vibration as they come into your sphere.

With that said, I invite you to ask yourself with non-judgement, where can you set some healthy boundaries in your life? Is it at work? When you're around certain people? Be honest and open with yourself.

I also get that just like me, other people are looking for ways to heal and my motto is, if you have the knowledge, share it. With that said here are some tips on protecting your energy and bring you peace of mind.

1. Ground your Energy- Go outside. Right now. Well maybe not right now, but as soon as you are done reading this, go outside, plant your feet in the ground and breathe. Feel the grass between your toes and let all that stress, worry, and anxiety melt down into the Earth. Mother Nature is SO powerful. Just standing outside can bring you back into your body, back into this present moment- and pairing that with some deep breathing will have you grounded in no time. When we operate from a place of centeredness, we can clearly see what is for us and what is not. Also think of it this way, it's like a house with a strong foundation, when you are grounded you are able to whether any storm because you are rooted in your truth.

  • Go outside on a daily walk (in nature is preferred) 10-15mins is my recommended daily dose - and notice how you begin to feel after doing this consistently.

  • Gaze at the clouds or stars (give your mind a break and relax by watching the cloud go by or noticing how brightly the stars shine)

  • Journal outside- spend some time in the morning when all is quiet and write about all that you observe.

  • Mindful Walking- notice what you hear, see, feel, and can touch (this will bring you right into the present)

  • Forest Bathing- It is a Japanese practice of relaxation- phenomenal for your mental and physical wellbeing. It's the simple act of being calm and quiet amongst the trees and observing the nature around you. Valley Forge National Park is great, also just googled this - Airdrie Forest Preserve East right in Paoli!

2. Protection/ Grounding Meditation- I recommend adding this meditation into your morning ritual, or doing it right before you go out. If you know you are going to be around people that bring you down or large volumes of people, this is a great meditation to protect your energy so you don't leave feeling drained!

Meditation- Imagine this white light coming down from the heavens into your crown chakra. This white light continues all the way down touching every chakra (third-eye, throat, heart, solar, sacral, root) and then comes out through the bottoms of your feet, entering all the way down into the core of the Earth. Imagine this white light wrapping itself around the center of Mother Earth. Stay here with this feeling for as long as it feel good for you. Then envision this white light entering back up through the root, moving up through the chakras once more, coming out through the crown, and creating a protective bubble of white light all around you. Breathe the white light in through you nose and out. Repeat that three times to anchor in the energy. As you breath in, feel and know that this white shield of light guards and grounds your energy throughout the day.

3. Crystals- Crystals are so powerful when it comes to dispelling negative vibes and keeping your energy centers clear and cleansed. Theses are a few of my fav's when I am going out and looking for additional protection.

  • Black Tourmaline- it literally means grounding and protection, great to place in the home where people walk in and out, or keep in your bag/pocket!

  • Obsidian- used for safety and grounding.- love me some obsidian.

  • Onyx- strength, power, and protection. Used to balance your emotions and strength during difficult times.

4. Extra Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries:

  • Only saying Yes if you really mean it- Apart of this comes with honoring your truth, and letting go of the people pleasing persona. If you are going to be overwhelmed, or are not feeling the alignment, IT IS OKAY to say no. When we say yes to everything we are overextending our energy, and it makes it really hard to generate love for ourselves. Have the courage to stand in your truth because that is when we are truly serving ourselves and others as well.

  • Be Authentic- Nothing is sexier than being honest. People appreciate honest communication and it actually works out better for both parties involved. Why? Because it frees up more space for us to bring in what truly matches our vibration.

Living in Love & Light,

Amanda :)

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