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On Taking Risks...

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking risks is a lot like deciding to skydive. How you may ask? Well, let me break this metaphor down.

Somewhere along your path an idea popped into your head to be bold, courageous, and take this adventurous step into a new beginning. Maybe a friend suggested this or perhaps the idea came to you all on your own. No matter how the universe brought the message it has now manifested into your existence. At first, the sheer thought of stepping outside of your comfort zone may have seemed terrifying, but as you researched you slowly came around to taking that risk, infusing the moment to come with a positive light.

**Fast-Forward to the day of the jump** The time has come for you to grab hold of this new journey. As you're up there on that plane doubt starts speaking, saying things like "I'm not ready or Why am I doing this?" Whatever these thoughts may be, just know that they stem from a place of uncertainty, and this brand-new experience requires deep faith. As you jump, the doubt suddenly disappears because you feel the presence of the person strapped to your back, taking this journey with you. Envision this person as your angel or higher self, and know that your team of the unseen is protecting you with every twist and turn. As you embrace this moment of total surrender, let go of the fear that once held you back, and enjoy the descent towards Earth and your new beginning.

When fear creeps in, step into certainty. Take that next step, knowing that someone is helping you surrender to freedom, chase your dreams, and fulfill your destiny.

Always & Forever,

Amanda Shannon

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