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The Choice is Yours... Tips on Taming the Inner Critic.

I want to share a moment of vulnerability that I experienced recently to 1. demonstrate that even people that are deep in their spiritual practice can experience a negative thought from time-to-time (and trust me, I am very much in my own healing transformation). 2.To share some ways we can respond to that inner critic and create a new reality with our thoughts.

Okay, story time...

As I was leaving the gym the other day, I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. I immediately became fixated on the "imperfections" of my body- once again hearing this broken down belief of "there's too much fat on your stomach, and you need to cut down on what you eat." Yup. These were real thoughts running through my real head. Instead of seeing all the progress and strength in myself, I choose to see the illusion that the inner critic created.

As I sat with this awareness of the thought pattern, I decided to do something different. I chose to surrender it over to Spirit. I was sick and tired of carrying this notion of unworthiness around. So, I decided to forgive myself and shift back into the mindset of love. As soon as I made that conscious choice, I felt the love and light return to my body and embrace every cell in my being.

These are the words that I offered to my body, that allowed me to re-create the reality I saw. - "I am grateful for the strength that I have. I am grateful for the love that I hold for my divine Self. My body is a temple and I choose to honor her. I am light, and I am love. And so it is."

Today, I invite to slow down and become a witness to your thoughts. Are they kind? Loving? Fear-Based? Hold yourself with non-judgement and observe what you feel. Then, use these tools to bring you back to your center.

Tips on Taming that Inner Critic:

  1. Gratitude: The quickest way to shift your mindset back to one of love and peace is offering appreciation for everything and everyone around you and within you. When we choose to hold gratitude in our hearts, we see the joy and abundance that is life. When I work with clients, I require that they get a gratitude journal because it's a fundamental part in their healing process. Write in this journal everyday and watch as your perception shifts from a place of fear to one of limitless love.

  2. Slow the freak down: When we are in a constant state of going, how are we able to notice and witness our thoughts? The only way we are going to be able to change our beliefs is through awareness, slowing down, and reflecting on the thoughts we choose to hold. So be like a turtle and go slow, and remember, awareness is power.

  3. Forgiveness: The act of forgiveness, is an act of self-love. When we choose to forgive ourselves for the thoughts that we have, we break down the barriers of shame and guilt, and allow for miracles to enter. Say this prayer for the next 40 days and watch as your life radically shifts from a place of resistance to a place of surrender:

Prayer: " I forgive myself for the thoughts that I have held, and I no longer wish to hold them. I surrender these thoughts over to Spirit, so that I may feel peace."

And Remember...When we focus on the good in our life, on the things that are working, on the love, peace, and joy- that is what we are attracting into our sphere. This is because you are aligning your vibration to the vibration of love, peace, and joy. Thus, that is what the Universe is going to send back to you. Love is always there, it never goes away. It is what you choose to focus on that blocks you from seeing the presence of love. You can choose to see the clouds that dim the light, or you can choose to be aware of the sunlight that shines behind them. The choice is yours.

May you live with gratitude in your heart, forgiveness in your mind, and watch as the boundless blessings surround you and move you forward.

Many Blessings,


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