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Turning Fear into Faith - Tips on Manifesting your Dreams

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Faith is believing and knowing that what you want is already yours. The only limitations are those we place on ourselves, which are created due to our limited reasoning and beliefs systems that we have set in place.

I was at the gym recently, and I kept thinking to myself "man the unknown/future seems so scary at times," but then Spirit came to me and said, "Amanda, look at this from an entirely different POV." Spirit reminded me, that I am full of infinite, limitless potential, and with that mindset I have the power to co-create the future of my wildest dreams.

I wanted to share this moment of insight with you, the reader, to remind you of your limitless power and divine gifts. Through the power of "I AM," imagination, and belief we can truly co-create our realities as we see it, and know it to be. What you believe so you become because our thoughts are creating the world in which we live in. Ask yourself, who am I? And who do I desire to become? What do I desire to have in my reality? We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and believing this is a critical part in shifting into an abundant mindset.

I invite you to unleash the power of your inner child to assist you in affirming, pretending, and imagining your happiest of futures as if it were already occurring right here, right now. This is how you can begin to shift from a perspective that sees fear and doubt to a place that cultivates love and peace.

I have taken the liberty in writing up some tips and tricks I have learned along the way, to inspire and empower you to step into your most authentic self!

Tips on manifesting and co-creating the live of your WILDEST dreams!

1. Affirm it! - The greatest way we can assist the manifestation process is to find new thought patterns that align with the vibration/desire we are looking to cultivate. Find or come up with affirmations that speak to your heart. Say, write, and see them DAILY! Make them your new personal mantra. What we are doing is aligning our vibration to that of which we want. Affirmations are like spiritual bookends, supporting and anchoring us into that desire that we are co-creating.

Here are some examples that you can start using today!

  • I am living in unconditional love, peace, joy, bliss, abundance.

  • I am co-creating the life of my wildest dreams with God/Universe/Source!

  • I believe in myself. I am belief. I am faith.

  • I am worthy of my dreams!

  • I am abundantly living!

2. Play Pretend- Your imagination is your BFF when it comes to co-creating the life of your dreams. Act as if you already have that thing that you want, whether that's a thriving business or a new car. This is A MAJOR KEY in helping make your dreams come true- even better if you have a friend that is down to play with you! Now it may seem silly, but seriously guys, when we live as if our dreams are already happening, it makes it that much more real and tangible. From this place, you are truly living in the vibration of where you want to be and of what you are calling in.

A Game of Make Believe-

Here is a game I LOVE like high-key LOVE to play. Grab your phone and pretend that someone has just called you with the ABSOLUTE best news ever. You can get really into it, even drop to the floor in tears or scream from the top of your lungs, " I DID IT, THIS IS ALL HAPPENING, I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT THIS THING THAT I WANTED SO BADLY IS HERE AND IS REAL." When I say you will feel the rush of joy, excitement and inspiration, I'm not B.S-ing you. It helps so much to feel that sense of joy, and to know it exists and is coming to you. I'll even pretend I'm on a talk show while driving in my car, telling this made-up person about all these new rollouts the company is creating, and what we are doing with our overflowing amount of abundance! It's fun and pure, so ride with it and see how your life begins to change.

Side-Note- You don't need to know the what behind it, that's up to the universe to provide, just reveal in the feelin of pure joy! Again, our thoughts become things, and what we see in our physical reality first developed from the non-physical (better know as infinite energy or imagination).

3. Visualize it- - Spend 4mins every single morning, visualizing yourself living as if your dreams have already come true. Get as detailed as possible. The more specific you can be the more real it becomes.

Some questions to inspire your creative visualization:

  • What am I wearing? What does my day look like? How do I feel? Am I inside or outside? Am I traveling? Where is my location? What am I doing when I first wake up? What does my house look like? What does my morning routine look like? What kind of career do I have? What am I doing for an income?

Another Side-Note- The desire and dream you have may change overtime and that is okay. Be like water and flow with the direction of your heart. Wherever your heart is taking you, it will lead to your most authentic self.

4. Believe It! - Don't let doubt kill your dreams. Anything is possible because again, you are a limitless , creative, spiritual being having a human experience. Believe in yourself, and believe that the Universe is guiding you and supporting you every step of your journey! To assist you on your path here are two quotes from the book Project 369-

  • "You may believe you are living in an objective physical world (3D) (Matter), but you are living in a subjective world of imagination (Infinite Energy), where all truths are created one."

  • "Believing in the unseen as if it were already seen and accepting that everything you want is already within you." - Project 369

So now that you have these tools and techniques, you can choose to step into your best, most authentic self today! Enjoy the journey and blessings be to you all!



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