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Spiritual Bookends- Creating Intentional Routines

Creating intentional routines to align you with your highest good!

Let's talk about spiritual bookends, and no I do not mean those amethyst geodes that you can place on either side of your home library. Although they are stunning, and etsy has some great finds. 

What I mean is creating intentionality at the beginning and end of your day. I have a few questions for you to reflect on while feeling into this concept...

Are you excited to wake up and get your day started? Do you snooze and rush to get out of bed, or make space for a gentle wake up? Are you constantly thinking about what needs to get done today? Do you pray in the morning? Are you on your phone right away?

Okay now let's switch it to your nightly wind-down routine... Are you consumed by social media? Do you have the tv playing while you fall asleep? Are you reading a book, or stressing from the day you had?

After reflecting on these questions, ask yourself honestly, Do I have morning and nighttime routines that support a spiritually-centered & healthy lifestyle? It's okay with wherever you are, sit with non-judgement and allow yourself to be with where you are right now.

I ask you these questions because when we are looking to live life with intentionality, it begins and ends in our morning and nighttime routines. What we do when we first wake up and go to sleep, says a lot about how our day is going to be, and what energy we are going to choose to resonate in. That's why I call them spiritual bookends, having intentional routines that you can stick to is a major key in maintaining balance, grounding, and high-vibe energy throughout your day. Another major key and benefit of spiritual bookends is that when you do feel yourself leaning to one side or the other (aka off-balance) you can easily bring yourself back to center because you know what it feels like to be in flow and out of flow.

So now let me ask you, how can you make space in your morning and evening for routines that help to nourish your spiritual awakening journey?

I've provided a few tips and ideas on what you can do with your morning and evening routines that will help jumpstart your ascension path.

Morning Routines:

  • Prayer- The first words out of my mouth or that I speak in my head are "thank you God for this day, thank you God in every single way." Prayer is so powerful especially when you pray for your loved ones and soul family. Through prayer you are attuning your vibration to one of love and light, and that is going to be the energy that you are anchoring in and carrying throughout the day.

  • Breathwork- Some deep inhales and exhales to replenish your cells and get the oxygen moving is a great way to center yourself, and allow your intention for the day to flow throughout the body. You can also imagine that the breath is easing any stress or worry that you may have for the day, knowing that you can return to this breath at any given moment when you begin to feel off-balance.

  • Read- Every morning I always read the lesson that's in, A Course in Miracles and then I will spend time meditating on what the lesson means to me, and how I can embody that lesson for the day. Reading something inspiring or motivating in the morning can be a great way to create higher vibrational energy and get you excited to take on the day ahead!

  • Meditate- I will continue to say this, meditation is the gateway to transcendence and ascension. As you first wake up, feel into your heart and ask your heart for the intention that it would like to manifest into the day. From there, visualize and sit in stillness for however long you feel called, imagining that the heart-based intention is grounding into all the cells within your body. Also feel free to visualize how your day looks and feels with that intention guiding the way ahead.

Nighttime Routines:

  • Get off the phone- The lighting of our technology fucks with our circadian rhythms so about 30mins-1hr before you go to bed, set your alarm, and let your phone fade into the background. Those text messages and notifications on social media can wait. We are truly looking to wind-down and center back into ourselves, so say no to bedtime screen time.

  • Gratitude Journal- One of my absolute favorite rituals at night is to journal about what brought my heart joy from the day. Maybe I saw a ladybug, maybe I witnessed a random act of kindness, or maybe I want to thank all those that have been there to support me on my journey. Whatever you decided to write about, keeping a gratitude journal is literally increasing your vibration because you have a place where you can reflect on all the experiences that brought you joy, peace, and love throughout your day, and that is the vibration you are going to sleep in.

  • Pray- Beginning and ending my day with pray has completely raised my vibration because I have the opportunity to once again anchor those heart-centered words and intentions into my energy field as well as the energetic field of my soul fam. Plus, it feels really good to fall asleep knowing that all my prayers are being answered.

  • Read- Before I go to bed, I will take some time to read back the lesson that I learned in the morning, to once again, anchor the embodiment of those high vibrational words into my cells. I also find that reading for however long is a great way to naturally wind-down from the day, and go to bed in a resonance of peace and wisdom.

These morning and nighttime routines are just a few of the ways I stay anchored into my high vibrational frequency. As I said in the beginning of the blog post, everyone is going to be different but creating spiritual bookends will assist you in staying in true alignment with the way of your heart, and allow you to come back to center so much easier than without having these anchors in your days. How we begin and end our days says a lot about how committed we are to our spiritual healing, and what vibration we are choosing to resonate in. I encourage you to play around with the notion of spiritual bookends, and create morning and evening routines that work for you!



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