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Spiritual Awakening 101

Class in now in session...Spiritual Awakening 101

Okay friends so I shared my spiritual awakening story with y'all and now it is time to break this breakthrough down. We are diving into the realms of awakening so you can receive step-by-step guidance on what a spiritual awakening is, why it happens, and navigating through this new terrain.

Are you ready, Freddy?!??!!?

What is a spiritual awakening? From my POV, a spiritual awakening is when your soul wakes up and is ready to evolve and expand. You are now ready to connect back to your Self, and fulfill your soul's purpose here in this lifetime. HOW EXCITING!

Some also describe a spiritual awakening as a profound shift in consciousness. It's like you were asleep and now you are awakened to a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life. I also believe that you can experience many awakenings throughout your soul's evolution. Think of your Self as a divine onion being peeled back.

As you awaken, you begin to shed the layers that have been blocking you from that connection with your Higher Self. In this phase known as shadow work or inner soul work, you are being asked to assess, heal, and release all external perceptions of who you thought you were so you can come home to yourself. These perceptions can be your traumas, fears, beliefs, outdated friendships etc. Even though beliefs, friendships, jobs may fade away, as you continue to do the work on yourself, the universe is going to send you people and opportunities that align with your new vibration.

Why Does a Spiritual Awakening Occur? The awakening happens because your soul is ready to evolve and expand, it’s like a spiritual right of passage. We are meant to transform, and move through our karmic lessons so we can elevate & radiate at a higher frequency. As we begin to shed the layers, we return back to our Higher Self aka our true spiritual embodiment. This embodiment provides us with state of eternal bliss, peace, and feeling of interconnectedness.

We are Spiritual Beings first, Humans second.- Thank you Collette Baron-Reid for this beautiful reminder.

What Can Bring On a Spiritual Awakening? Typically an awakening occurs after a major life change and tends to happen spontaneously. A major life change can be anything from Covid-19, a Job Loss, Near-Death Experience, Life-Altering Moment etc. Awakenings come when we are in the dark night of the soul (more on this later), or experiencing a transition of one state of being to another.

So I invite you to ask yourself, has anything major happened in my life recently? Or, are the events occurring in my life trying to tell me something? This could be your soul knocking at your door, ready to wake up and seize the day!

Here are a few signs your soul is awakening! Def recommend doing some assessment and asking yourself if any of these signs mentioned relate to your experiences right now.

  1. You crave deeper purpose and meaning in your life

  2. Enhanced Intuition - perhaps you can feel energy around you.

  3. Begin to Ask, "Who am I? or "What is my purpose here?"

  4. People, Places, Things that once made sense no longer seem aligned.

  5. You are searching for new beliefs and structures that mesh with this heightened sense of awareness.

  6. You are Having Extremely Vivid Dreams

And last but certainly not least some tips to navigate this beautiful uncharted terrain! :)

  1. Dream Journaling!- literally get a dream journal or keep a notes section on your phone and document any details from your dreams. Your soul and the angels are speaking to you through signs and symbols.

  2. Get Grounded: take off your shoes and put your feet in the grass, then come back to me and see how ya feel because it is actually therapeutic.

  3. Play: Be curious about coming out of the spiritual closet and get inspired by what others in the realm of angels and spirit are doing! You may just stumble and unlock one of your spiritual gifts that way!

Always such pleasure to bring forth spiritual insights and tips on connecting you beautiful souls back to your angels and Higher Selves. Life is so much fun when we surrender and realign back to our divine truth. Happy Awakening Friends!

Also also be sure to subscribe to my new Youtube channel to transcend into another realm of existence and learn how to unlock your hidden spiritual talents through the help of our angelic guides!

Much love!


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