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Spirit School: Affirmations 101

Creating Your Spiritual Starter Pack

When you are going on a spiritual adventure, a must have in your starter pack are new affirmations that will help you reframe your mind and live a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Affirmations 101: What are affirmations??? To make it super simple affirmations are powerful statements that will help you replace those negative thought patterns with positive, uplifting ones to motivate, inspire, and enlighten your journey. On a mindset level, they will actually reframe the mind and bring you back into a place of spiritual alignment. Think of it like an chiropractic adjustment for the brain!

Structuring your Affirmations: Affirmations really pack a punch when we start them off with "I AM", because the I AM statement hits on a cellular level, vibrating at this cosmic frequency. So when we use the I AM statement we are writing or speaking (manifesting) truth into existence for the Universe to bring that statement into our reality.

According to Foster Focus, "I AM is the most powerful statement you can use. It frees you to be who you desire to become because it carries the power of God being spoken into you."

And FYI- the Universe doesn't know when you are joking, so be mindful when you are saying statements in the form of I AM as they will manifest.

Affirmations can also start with I Have, or be impactful statements that resonate with you.

I.e Everything I need is within me or Self-Consciousness and Doubt only continue for as long as I accept them.

Let's not put ourselves in a box when it comes to designing our new reality, whatever speaks to you, infuse it and use it.

Light Work: Step-By-Step Guidance on how to infuse your life with affirmations!

1. Practice, Grow, Repeat: Affirmations need to be practiced, just like a muscle it needs to be worked in order to grow. So make whatever affirmations you choose your daily mantras. Write them down on your fridge, on a sticky note, a place where you will see them regularly. Even create wallpaper with your affirmations, honestly the cosmos are the limit, so have fun!

2. The More You Focus on the Light, The Brighter it Becomes: When we tune in and frame our mindset & vibration to the words we are speaking the lighter we will begin to feel. So take a few moments in the morning, and align yourself with the energy you are calling in. That can be writing out your affirmations, breathing the affirmations into your heart space, whatever works for you.

3.Even when things don't go as planned, use your affirmations to bring you back to your center. Let the affirmations guide you back to truth and assist you in overcoming and letting go of all the old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Friends, as always this has been such a blessing to write and inspire you to take those bold steps and recreate the reality in which you life in!

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