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See the Beauty in the Little Things.

Find what brings you joy and run with it. Even just saying the word aloud lightens up every cell in your being and supercharges your mindset. To feel pure joy brings you to this place of inner peace and knowingness like all that you see, all that you are is love. When you operate from a center of joy the world begins to look different, be different, and all of a sudden your perspective has totally changed. Everything has this new vibration of color. Flowers are smiling and dancing in the breeze, and your thoughts pass by like clouds with ease. Each bite is more succulent and divine than the rest, and you are grateful for every single breath. You will see gratitude in everyday existence, and in the face of adversity, you will choose to forgive and release. Joy is awakening to this sense of pure unconditional love in the world around you- knowing that you are being cared for.

JOY IS PLAYFUL - read your favorite book, splash in that puddle, and dance in the midst of the rainstorm. Play is a vital part of living, even as adults we can still tend to the hearts of our inner child. Life is meant to be loved, and you are meant to be loved by life. The question is what are you going to do with that joy when it comes knocking?

Simple affirmations to evoke the essence of Joy:

  • My thoughts radiate with joy.

  • I am Joy, Joy is what I am.

  • Joy flows throughout every cell in my body.

  • I am joyful.

  • I infuse joy into everything I do.

Thank you!!!! Thank you, God, Universe, Source for teaching us how to be joyful and live each day with an open heart.

Always & Forever,

Modern Muse LLC

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