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My First Angel Encounter

Okay sweet angels!!! It is story time, brought to you by yours truly! In this story I share with you, the first time that my grandparents came to me, which was when I started receiving angel messages.

So a little back story...before this encounter, I had been talking to my grandma in my journal entires and throughout the years of her passing because I knew she was my guardian angel, and was watching over me. I always knew there were angels and that people went to the light, but had yet to experience them firsthand, until my angelic encounter in 2020.

2020 was the year covid-19 hit and I was so depressed, like could not get out of bed and was just suffering. My friend at the time gave me a deck of Healing with the Angel Oracle Cards (which I still have and use to this day), but I decided not to use them and instead sleep with them under my pillow and integrate my energy with theirs. ( I got this idea because my childhood friend Sara and I would use tarot when we were like 9yrs old and I remember her saying to me, sleep with the cards in your mattress, so I did)

I eventually went home, back to PA during the height of covid-19 due to my depression, and my mom said the farm was the best place for me to recharge and reset before heading back down to Tampa. So I went home with Snoop and all, and it was that month on the farm that changed my life forever.

I remember taking photos on the top of our hill which we called, "a little piece of Heaven," and a few weeks later I went back and looked at these photos and to my surprise I found huge green orbs on them. Me bring curious and taking this as a sign, I looked into what green orbs meant and they were symbols of healing. (and like I said, I was in a very dark place, and had yet to even confront all that I was trying to run from.)

Angel Encounter

Angel Encounter

Fast Forward- It was two days before I headed back to Tampa, that I decided to call on my grandparents and use my oracle deck for the very first time. It was between 1:30am-2am, and I turned off my bedside light. As I called them in, asking the question of what is going to happen to me, I remember this light coming in, it was SO bright, brighter than any lightbulb, and then I was in the healing orb that I saw in the photos. I was in this orb of green light, and suddenly I saw two white spirits floating around me. I broke down in tears, knowing within every cell of my being that they were my grandma and my grandpa coming in to talk to me.

To this day trying to describe the feeling of being held by the angels and God is something words can't truly describe. I went back into the orb a second time before the messages came through, and they said to me, "are you willing to let go of all that you know for something so much greater than yourself?" I said, "yes." In that moment I shuffled the cards and cards started to fly out, and the one card that laid on top was the healing card, which was green.

Angel Encounter

I decided to wait until the morning to see the rest of the cards, as I wanted to share this experience with my mom.

As I went to tell my mom what had occurred the night prior, I felt doubt creeping in, like did I really experience what I think I did. And before I could let the doubt creep in any further, my mom started to ask...what time did this take place... I said 1:30/2:00am and she asked me if I had my bedside lamp on, and I told her no, I had unplugged it and moved it to the other side of the room. She then broke down in tears, and said "grandma and grandpa came to visit me too, I saw them too." She then went on to tell me that the only way for her to see light coming from my room is if my bedside lamp was on, and she just so happened to wake up at that very moment, and saw the light coming from my room.

I was astounded and started to cry once again because my grandparents not only came to heal me and bring me messages, but they came to heal my mom and bring her messages too. The angels are SO POWERFUL!

Ever since that moment, I have opened myself up to receive angelic guidance in my life, and it all started with my grandparents. I knew that my grandma could still hear me, even though she wasn't physically there, and every time I wore her jewelry I felt her presence. Love is a vibration that never dies, and never will, for love is what creates the Universe, and we contribute to that flow of love through our relationships in whatever form they come to us.

So my beautiful angels, may this story spark an angel story of yours, and may you open up to receive the angelic wisdom that is here for you. A moment like this can change the course of your life forever, and open you up to gifts you never thought you had.

My prayer is for you to receive the messages and become curious as to what is out there and awaiting your acknowledgement.

Thank you for allowing my story to be felt.

Much Love,

Amanda Shannon

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