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Every Season is a Season of Gratitude- Creating a Gratitude Practice

Creating a Gratitude Practice

Ahhhhhh let us take a deep breath in and exhale into gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for in our lives, and when we decide to prioritize gratitude, our entire perception of reality shifts. 

We carry gratitude like we carry around our smiles. When we smile at people we can shift and change the outlook of their day. The same thing holds true when we walk with gratitude. A simple thank you, or sending a text saying, “you mean alot to me. I love you, and I am grateful that God brought us together.” These words, your words are immersed with the energetic vibration of gratitude, and that is felt on a soul and heart level.

The heart answers to the frequency of gratitude. 

I invite you to pause, look around in your immediate environment and take in something that you are grateful for, right here, right now. Are you grateful for a motivational book? Crystals that keep you calm and at peace? A photo of your loved ones? 

As I pause and look around my room, I am grateful for my stuffed animals because they speak to my inner child. I am grateful for Philly, my philodendron hanging on my sliding door, and the dried roses hanging on my wall because they create this ambience of magic and serenity in my room.

The frequency of gratitude is all around us, waiting for us to acknowledge its presence. Gratitude shifts anything from a state of worry and chaos, to blessed and beautiful. We may not like everything that is going on in our lives, but we surely can be grateful for the lessons and growth that is occurring. 

Gratitude offers us a mindset shift into the higher vibrations of consciousness. We no longer get caught up in the worry, doubt, and stress of the 3D, but instead see the beauty, the truth, the growth, the lessons, the opportunities, the miracles in everything life has to offer us.

Gratitude brings us to God because it melts away all illusions. 

To assist you on your awakening journey, I’ve provided a few of my favorite ways to practice gratitude!! 

  • Gratitude Journaling- Journaling about what brought you joy and what you are most grateful for in your day, is truly medicine for the soul. I love gratitude journaling at night because I get to fall asleep in that vibration, and that high vibe does wonders for subconscious reprogramming. Your cells are literally going to bed in an energetic blanket of gratitude, allowing you to reprogram old beliefs, sleep better, and wake up feeling more aligned to your Higher Self.

  • Tip: Dig deeper into your gratitudes, don’t just skim the surface. Ask yourself why you are grateful, and see where you can find other tinier moments in your day that brought you joy, peace, abundance, etc. 

  • Gratitude Texts:  Have you ever received a gratitude text? How did it feel? Sending meaningful gratitude texts, truly brings so much joy to not only your heart, but the hearts of those you cherish most in life. I encourage you to ask your heart, who do I send an appreciation text to today, and see what comes through. It is equally as healing and uplifting for both you and the person you are sending the message to.

  • Acts of Gratitude- Okay so super fun and heart-centering idea for you all! Go to your local grocery store and buy a bouquet of roses, or you can write heart-centered notes. Then bring into your heart, what people and places have had a positive effect on you. Okay, now get in your car and drive to each place, and offer them your act of gratitude. From personal experience, this is one of the most heart-centering acts I have ever done, and it brought tears to my eyes being able to show the people and places that I love most gratitude through acts of kindness.

  • Gratitude Meditation- Visualize yourself going through your day looking through the lens of gratitude. The bumper to bumper traffic, what are you grateful for there? Going to see the dentist, where can you find gratitude? When we look back upon our days through the lens of gratitude we notice the hidden gems that were available to us. As you identify these moments of gratitude, make an active choice to remember the blessings that occurred for you today and let everything else wash away.

Thanks for tuning in, and hope you enjoy spreading your love, light, and GRATITUDE to the world!



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