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Connecting with Your Angels As Told By Archangel Gabrielle

How to Connect With Your Angels

Archangel Gabrielle is showing herself to you now, and this week the blog post is all about connecting with your angels as told by Archangel Gabrielle.

Gabrielle is the archangel of communication, the messenger from God, and she is here to remove obstacles that have been blocking us from receiving and acting on divine guidance.

Message from Archangel Gabrielle: "We are here to bring the wishes of your heart into manifest reality. We ask that you surrender the control of how it is intended to come to you, and tune into the joy and the gratitude of knowing that your request has already been fulfilled. We will send you clear guidance and instructions on what steps to take next, all you have to do is hear the message. In order to hear the message, you must be in a frequency that allows you to receive divine guidance. To be in that frequency, we ask that you have fun, and be playful in how you create and birth ideas and projects into the world. We also ask that you show kindness and appreciation for those around you, therefore cultivating a greater sense of love in your world and in those of who you come into contact with. When you are in that mode of playfulness and ease, it is easy for us angels to come and bring forth angelic insight and wisdom for you to act on.

I am here because you have been noticing the signs of the angels in your life, and have been asking for guidance on how to best receive our messages. There are a few ways to hear our messages loud and clear, so you can live without worry, knowing that we angels are here supporting you in all ways, all the time."

  1. Communication is a two way street- the angels have to be invited into your space to assist you with any task small or large. Just like with any relationship, we must ask our angels to come in and assist us on a daily basis. This is also how we begin to build our relationships with our angels, and create waves of change in our reality by allowing a cosmic force to elevate our days.

  2. Get out of our heads!- The angels are NEVER too busy for us- Sometimes we let the limitations of our human mind deter us from receiving messages or assistance from our angels because we believe that they are busy and we don't want to disturb them, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The angels are omniscient, omnipresent beings that can be everywhere all at once. So with that said, call on the angels for literally anything & everything!

  3. Let go of the how and trust- Trust that your angels are working everything out behind the scenes, and let go of the worry or the "how" your request will come to fruition. The angels help to magnetize what is on your heart, by clearing obstacles and challenges here in the physical world. Gabrielle says that when you ask for something, know that your request is heard and is being fulfilled.

  4. Be in the JOY frequency- Gabrielle's biggest message to us today is to live in the frequency of joy, because when we do this we are releasing everything that may hold us back from receiving angelic guidance and messages. Her advice is that we pretend and show up as if our message has been answered. This is one of the quickest ways for the angels to come through and deliver signs and next steps for us to take.

It is a true blessing to know that we have the support 24/7 from our angels, and that they are always here answering our call. By speaking to your angels everyday, you are building not only your relationship with them, but your faith and trust in God. Let the angels take away your worries, burdens, and stress allowing for you to live your life in accordance with the highest good and the highest love of all.

We thank Archangel Gabrielle, for speaking to our hearts today, and for allowing her messages to be received.

As a living testament to the power of angels, I can say from my heart of hearts, that the angels can and will change your life if you let them. They transformed mine, and downloaded their sacred teachings and codes into my DNA that assisted and empowered me to awaken to my Highest Self. With that said, my prayer for you is that you have fun with your new angelic relationships, and allow them to heal any pain that you feel, so you can truly trust in the guidance & the messages that you receive from them.

With a heart filled with love, may we go forth in the vibration of faith.


Amanda J Shannon

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