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Ahoy Matey! Drop Your Spiritual Anchor~!- Centering Exercises

Updated: Jan 26

Centering Exercises To Bring You Back To Your Light!

We talked last week about wearing energy through the embodiment of your intentions, and now we are adding another layer to your spiritual awakening.

Get ready to drop your spiritual anchors...

What are spiritual anchors you may ask????!! Well...spiritual anchors are checkpoints to bring you back to your center throughout the day. Sometimes we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and forget that we are souls here to awaken and live in the embodiment of our christ consciousness.

Side note but also very relevant, christ consciousness is found through the heart. Very profound, and very real. By connecting with your heart, your immaculate heart, you are activating your christ light, truly embodying your Higher Self, living heaven on Earth. (we shall dive more into this in a later blog post, but I do want to mention that when I refer to coming back to your center, I mean coming back to your heart.)

Okay, now back to spiritual anchors...

We are the captains of our ship, and when life appears to be going a little coo-coo bananas, remember you have spiritual anchors you can drop into to bring you back to your heart.

Negative thought pattern popping up? Drop an anchor. Old behavioral pattern surfacing? Drop an anchor. Feeling like a human doer and not a human being? Drop an anchor.

Not only will these spiritual anchors bring you back to your center, they will also assist you in anchoring into a new frequency. A frequency of peace, joy, love, abundance (all the high vibes). When we can course correct along our journey, we are stopping the patterns in their tracks, and consciously creating a new reality for ourselves.

Spiritual anchors are both blessings and techniques that help you shed the old and usher in the new, always reminding you of your soul's truth.

I've hooked you guys up with some of my go-to spiritual anchors, and I encourage you to infuse these techniques throughout your day, and notice how your vibration begins to shift.

Spiritual Anchors For You To Start Using Right MEOOWWWW!!!

Breath: Nothing says welcome home like a good inhale and exhale. Allow the breath to move from the base of your diaphragm all the way up and out of your crown chakra. Letting your shoulders relax, body feel into the breath, allowing you to truly let go and come home to the present moment. Our breath is such a powerful tool that we can use to anchor us back into our light, and help us relax as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Mantras: Short, powerful statements can help bring you right back into your heart as you move throughout your day. Mantras are great mind checkpoints because they will immediately shift your thinking, activating your awareness, and give you the opportunity to choose the next best thought. I have been course correcting my beliefs with mantras for over a year, and they have profoundly changed my life. By using mantras we have the ability to reprogram our neurological pathways, creating new sequences for our minds to run on. Visualize your mind running on the neurological pathways of your higher self's consciousness, and then start to choose thoughts that match that vibration.


  • I am one with God.

  • I am as God created me.

  • I let go and surrender to the peace of God.

  • I surrender all thoughts over to the Holy Spirit.

  • I am living in my Highest timeline

  • I am a master. I am a pro.

  • I let go and let god.

  • I am worthy of miracles.

  • I am a miracle, and I am a miracle worker.

  • I am exactly where I am intended to be right here, right now.

  • I m deserving of great things.

Segment Intending: Abraham Hicks has talked about the power of segment intending, and yes, it straight up is very powerful in reframing your day as well as bringing you back into your center. Before you go to do something (whether it's the gym, eating food, drinking water, career goodness etc.) set an intention of the energy that you would like this task to embody and bring forward. When we set intentions before we do something, it's like we've hit the reset button, and bring purpose into our actions. Adding to that, when we move with intentionality throughout the day, we stay centered, we stay anchored, and we usher forth our highest vibration yet.

Walks In Nature - Mic Drop for my FAV spiritual anchor!!! Nature has my heart, and praying she has yours too. Nature is a go-to spiritual anchor to help you reset and recalibrate your day. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, just take a walk with nature. The trees, animals, tiny plant kingdoms have the ability to realign you back into oneness, where you feel like yourself again. While on these walks, you are literally anchoring and grounding into the new vibration with the assistance of Mother Nature.

So, my beautiful beautiful angels and beings of light- I pray that these anchors assist you when moving through the twists and turns of your days. My intention is that you can use these anchors and any others that speak to you, to bring you back in alignment with your heart/higher Self. Because when we move from our hearts, anything is possible in our co-creation of reality.

Thank you for tuning in!



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