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Believe In Yourself & Abundance Will Grow 

Unearth your reality and come home to your light. 

We are stepping into a time, an era that has been woven by our hearts. We are weaving our piece of the collective tapestry, and truly learning to embrace each other as we continue to grow and evolve. 

Tapping into the abundance frequency:

Today, I want to talk about the idea of asking for what it is we want, and clearing the programming of feeling unworthy to receive. 

In order for the angels to bring forth the miracles and blessings that are intended for us, we first must be open to receive.

A majority of the collective holds this idea and belief of unworthiness- not feeling worthy of receiving gifts, goodness, and blessings. We feel that we must earn what we have, or in some way shape or form, suffer in order to feel worthy of a good deed. 

As this belief grows, it manifests in a blocked throat chakra, where we feel scared to speak what is on our hearts, and ask for what we truly want from life. How is that any way to live?

God says we are worthy. God says we were born worthy. God says we will leave worthy. It is only our judgment and perception of ourselves that blocks us from feeling this energy of abundance.  

So let us today take a step towards worthiness. Let us begin to ask for what it is we want, without feeling guilt and shame. God knows we are grateful for the life we have, and God also knows how manifesting our heart’s desires can assist the collective.

So let us dream big, and speak our truth to God and our angels, for they are here to help us. 

I have gone ahead and provided a few ways the angels & your Higher Self can assist in releasing old belief patterns around unworthiness, so you can truly own your voice and your abundance. 


  1. I am worthy of abundance, blessings, and miracles

  2. I am deserving of all the good that comes to me. 

  3. I am open to receiving my heart's greatest desires now. 

  4. I am loved by god and that will never change, only my perception can shift the state of awareness. 

I invite you this week to practice sitting and visualizing your heart's deepest desires, whether that be a trip to Europe, a business that you are looking to create, or a new pair of shoes. Whatever it is, it is worthy in the eyes of God. 

Visualization Tip: for 4 mins every morning sit with your mantra and/or your heart's desire. After the 4 mins has ended, write down all that came through using the statements, " I am or I have." Then write the feelings that came through. It is so important when visualizing you align to the energetic vibration of the feeling that is being created. This is because you will begin to call in more of that vibration, and soon that will be what you are living in. 

Example & Story: For awhile I sat with the mantra, "I am a successful business woman, assisting and inspiring billions to awaken to their light." I would let my imagination wander freely, bringing forth these visions, ideas, and vibrations that would then carry me throughout my day. Practicing these visualization techniques helped propel me into creating the foundations for my company, and gave me an extra boost of inspiration knowing that what I saw within my third eye was actually out there in the world- I was just aligning with it. 

Throat Chakra Clearing:

Archangel Michael is also here to help you clear these beliefs and programming which are commonly held within the throat chakra. It is our throat that has been feeling blocked from asking to receive the blessings from the universe out of fear of unworthiness. Let the angels remove this belief from your chakra system, and open your energetic pathways to receive the love and the miracles that you deserve. 

Calling in Archangel Michael:

Ask Archangel Michael to come in and clear all old programming across all lifetimes and bodies related to feelings of unworthiness. Then ask him to reprogram your cells with the frequency of receptivity and miracle tones. I suggest doing this practice everyday for 30 days to see how this shifts your energetic frequency and opens you up to receiving what is intended for you.

One last tip: Create an Angels Assist me list!!!

This is probs the most fun and exciting of all the ways we are able to call in blessings and release feelings of unworthiness. As you cultivate those practices mentioned above, I then want you to create an "Angel's Assist Me" list. Again, we are deserving of living the life of our dreams, and creating a list for the angels to bring forth blessings into your life is a part of our divine birthright. They also love helping us anyway they can, and this gives them heart-centered requests. 

I've created a list within my phone, where I have asked the angels to kindly please assist me with a new car, computer, sedona move, affording a yoga retreat etc. and they have assisted with every single one. The thing about this list is that I will add to it whenever I feel called, but I write on there knowing that they are guiding me and helping me achieve what I wrote down. I don't go back and repeatedly ask, I let it go and trust that they are working on it. Then when these things come to me, it's like a gift from God, and I graciously accept and receive. 

To conclude sweet angels, you are all deserving of great wonderful things in your life, whatever that may be. I pray that you have the courage to release the old beliefs around unworthiness and let the angels assist you in every area of your life. 


Amanda :)

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