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Are we listening? Inviting the presence of Angels into our daily lives.

Are you listening to the voice that binds you and tells you to stay inside your box? Or are you listening to the one that says you are capable of anything because YOU, my beautiful angels are limitless.

Our angels are always there but are we listening to the signs and and intuitive nudges of our Higher Selves and Angelic Guides? Or are we shrugging them off because we are afraid of what we might find, of how different we may become?

The message is simple: God is always present but are you stopping to listen?

When we fill our calendars and our to-do lists to the brim, we block communication between Spirit and ourselves. This creates a perception that we are separate from God and we must handle everything on our own. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Assistance is always there but are we picking up the phone to ask for it. The angels will still be by our side because that's who they are, but they need an invitation to come in.

Are you willing to receive their guidance?

This week, I invite you to release the fear of judgement that would keep you stuck in a way of living that no longer serves your Highest purpose. Break free from the boxes society, and you have placed upon yourself. Expand into the infinite unconditional love of your soul.

In this week's reflection ask yourself, where in my life can I take a break, pause, and surrender the need to control every second of time, and instead shift into the mindset of love and trust. Where in my life have I been drowning out the signs and messages from God's heavenly helpers?

Be honest as you reflect and forgive yourself for the noise that was created. For this is your time to rise up and rewrite your narrative. You hold the pen, so what story are you going to tell?

With the highest vibration of love & light,

Amanda J Shannon

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