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Affirmation Transformation

"My inner critic faded into the background as I began to surrender to who I truly was. I started to accept everything about myself from both an external and internal perspective- it was beautiful, and I was blessed with the gift of affirmations."

When I started using affirmations for the first time, I had no idea what they technically were. All I knew is that these words formed in these structures had the power to eliminate the negative thinking that would roar its ugly head, and block me from achieving my dreams. The bathroom mirror soon became my impromptu self-help board, as did my fridge. The one statement I wrote down immediately was "Self-consciousness and doubt only continue for as long as we accept them." It really hit home, it dug deep through all the layers of self-hatred and societal judgment and went straight through to my soul which desperately needed to hear those words. It was with that one powerful affirmation that my life began to change. I accepted those words as if they were close friends, and soon my bathroom mirror turned into a place for self-evolution instead of vanity. I would look myself in the eyes, staring into my soul, and reassure myself that these words were in fact, true. For as long as I continued to accept the emotions associated with self-consciousness and doubt, I knew I would keep spinning in the same direction. Deep down these words were changing who I was and how I thought about my life. With a slow and steady pace, I became excited to take on challenges that were presented to me with this newly formed belief that I had engrained into my mind. With the help of affirmations, I became the main character of my life again, able to confidently navigate through the waves.

Affirmations are magical tools that help manifest your beliefs and thoughts creating new powerful positive perspectives. They are said to instill more feelings of gratitude throughout your day and bring blessings to your life. I work with clients to create affirmations that will usher in feelings of compassion, love, joy, harmony, and bliss. Learn more about the power of affirmations. Schedule a discovery call today:

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