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5 Things I Learned While in Sedona...

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

As some of you may know, I recently embarked on an adventure to Sedona, Arizona in the celebration of my 28th year around the sun- and my oh my what a magical experience it was. From the scenery to the healing, to the kindness of strangers, I learned so much about my own set of beliefs as well as those of strangers. I decided to sit down and compile what resonated with me most, and want to share this wisdom with whoever is drawn to read this blog post. That's how the universe works, we operate in a flow of divine giving and receiving all being teachers, all being students, life is beautiful in that way. Without further ado, here are five transformative pieces of wisdom I picked up while exploring Sedona.

1. Nothing is ever permanent- Holding onto old beliefs, behaviors, regimented routines, and even crystals are all things we have the pleasure of letting go of, passing onto others, and moving forward with the newly freed-up space. Sometimes we become attached to items or patterns because they feel comfortable, but there comes a time when we need to let go to allow for something new to enter. Just as babies outgrow their clothes, we too outgrow patterns that we must move on from. Sure, you can always keep a memory or two to reminisce upon, but it's time to go shopping for some new clothes and beliefs that actually fit with where you are in life.

2. Be Silly!- Put on the cloak of your inner child and the hat of your inner explorer and go out being as silly as possible. Make formations with rocks, gaze at the stars & clouds- pondering what lies in the faraway galaxies, strip down and go swimming in a river- who cares if people stare, you are being YOU and my oh my what a liberating experience that is.

3. Take a few moments to rest and observe your natural surroundings - Nature is a great teacher always changing just as we are, each moment providing us with a different meaning of beauty. When the sun illuminates the leaves on a tree, rain pitter-patters on the cement outside, the smell of crisp morning air- spend some time using your senses taking these details all in. You will find a deep sense of relaxation, and bring awareness to the present moment.

4. Trust that you are being cared for and loved by Source/God/Universe- Although we may not be able to see the presence of our creator, trust that who you are and that all you do is embraced with the love of the unseen. Taking the first step may seem terrifying, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Trust that you are good enough, skilled enough, and loved enough to take that leap and fall into the unknown because you will find your way. All twists and turns in life lead you down a path of deep wisdom and spiritual truth, awakening you to the light that lives within. Trust that your life has a purpose.

5. Happiness is an Inside Job- When it comes down to it, no one will make you happy, and no "thing" will make you happy other than yourself. If someone makes you happy that is because they reflect the happiness found within you. Happiness can be found when we break down the barriers of our ego and look into our hearts for the answers that we seek. Happiness is vulnerability and becoming open to hearing the voice that speaks with unconditional love. We all possess the power of finding the heralds of our hearts. Happiness comes from acceptance when we choose to accept that we are not perfect, but we are really good at working on being the best version of who we know we are. Be happy not for anyone else, do it for yourself because you deserve this chance to shine your light for everyone to see.

Always & Forever,

Amanda Shannon or better known as the Modern Muse :)

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