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Smiley Diaries Series

Titled: People Deserve to Smile.

9/04/2022- The date of the beautiful moment.

Well, I was working at Mckenzie BrewHouse, the place was a wishing well for dreams to be tossed into, and for an angel like me to come along and pick them up. The summer was winding down to a close, with only a few short weeks left. I was bartending the outside patio as I always did on a Saturday night, and what a time it was to remember.

Laurel was the woman's name...

Blonde hair with blue eye, she was wearing the most beautiful necklace, so naturally, I had to say something to her. When I stopped to take their drink orders, I went in for the well-deserved compliment. I said to her “Wow you have the most beautiful necklace I’ve ever seen,” and she lit up with a big smile from ear to ear and uttered the words…thank you! She then noticed my grandma's necklace I was wearing, turquoise with two angel wings guarding the stone, it truly was a showstopper, and she said “Wow, that necklace is stunning, where did you get this? I simply said I received the piece of jewelry from my beloved grandma who had passed away in 2009. I then told her, “I wear this piece of jewelry because I feel her spirit and am able to sense her with me. She protects me and guides me with her angels’ wings.”

Laurel’s eyes then started to fill up with tears, as she exclaimed that she believed in that stuff too, and to hold onto her (my grandma’s) necklace for it was truly a way to communicate with your angels. She then proceeded to open up about her dog who had recently departed, expressing that she was still grieving heavily. We spoke about her dog’s spirit and how he was always going to be there, watching over her as guardian angels always do. The ways in which we spoke about grief and the healing process were unlike any conversation I had prior. It was empathetic and angelic, raw and real, but carried this warm embrace as if she was being loved all throughout her journey that she was sharing with me.

It was at that moment she came to a place of deep understanding that her beloved dog was looking over her, and he wanted her to know how much he enjoyed his time here on Earth with her. Once she acknowledged his spirit, she was healed. She then asked if she could hug me and without thinking, I said absolutely, and we embraced each other. She whispered in my ear two words, “Thank you.” She then stepped out from the embrace and shared these life-changing compliments which I wrote down immediately after. She told me “Amanda, you are a firework waiting to explode and a gift to this world. She said I made her happier and healed her soul from the pain it felt from her dog passing.” We both filled up with tears of joy once again. Smiling from ear to ear, I said thank you so much and went on my way.

Always Remember- Stay Smiley

We are here to spread smiles and bring a sense of wonder to someone who is in need of a loving compassionate person. We all have the ability to be that person for someone else, including ourselves. From a simple compliment to a smile when being greeted by a stranger, to a life-altering conversation, words matter, and those words changed not only mine but her day as well. Love your neighbor because when you’re having a bad day, I would really appreciate the kindness and empathy of a stranger. Thank you to Laurel for blessing me with the opportunity to learn what compassion means, and for sharing your story with me. We all deserve love and smiles. Pass it on today.

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