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Give thanks, for we all deserve it .

So many people have helped me progress on my journey forward. For those that harmed me , thank you, for you taught me that my power of love is much stronger than any other form of matter. For those that have sprouted new modes of thinking within me, I praise you and hope you move forward on your journey with even more compassion and grace for yourself, and continue to shine your bright light into this world.

I am blossoming into a woman that I have only ever dreamed about, now I am here making her, this vision of my higher self a reality. I met you once in my dreams and here I stand meeting you face to face in physical reality, God blessed me with obstacles so I could find you, my beautiful untouched soul.

"Let love and light shine in this world, for this is all we have to remember. "

Always & Forever,

Modern Muse - Stay Smiley

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