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Your Shadow Doesn't Bite...Tips for Shadow Work

So we started talking about the shadow self, and TBH it can be a little or majorly daunting to tackle what is in the depths of that closet. Sometimes addressing and recognizing your fears is like decluttering the junk draw...(I can just see the faces nodding in agreement), and you have no idea where to begin or even how to handle what you find. However, the time has come for you to move through the old emotions and skeletons, realizing that decluttering your energetic body allows for more freedom to enter.

Fear is not something that we need to be afraid of. On the surface, yes, fear may appear overwhelming and slightly painful. However, as you dive deeper into your healing journey, you see the growth that has come from these painful yet, beneficial experiences. Our perception changes as we find our inner light, our higher selves and recognize that as our truth.

Now I want to take this a step further and provide some real-life, simple ways to be there for your shadow as fear and uncomfortable emotions surface. Just like preparing for a rainstorm or inclement weather, we are preparing ourselves the best we can for the emotions that are going to arise.

When the limiting beliefs, traumas, and fears inevitably come up here are some reminders and practices that can assist you with your healing process:

  1. It's okay to cry and get angry: SCREAM, let your emotions out in a healthy and safe space. With clients and even myself, I have recommended that they scream. It is healthy and cathartic to release whatever needs to be released through the power of our voice. This may reign true, especially if you felt like you weren't heard growing up. Whenever you feel like you just need a good scream or cry, find a safe space and let it rip.

  2. Hold space and compassion for the darker parts of yourself-Just like you would for a friend or your inner child, these emotions deserve to be heard. Let them speak, feel your way through whatever you need to feel, knowing that you are unconditionally loved by Source. Your healing is YOUR priority, so take those moments for extra care and rest, and remember to be gentle with yourself. Ideas: Take a bath, watch a nostalgic movie, connect with nature, or take a nap. These are just a few ways to tend to your Self as you release and recover.

  3. Hoʻoponopono- it's a Hawaiian practice for reconciliation and forgiveness. As these feelings come up, the way to release is through forgiveness. Forgive these darker parts of your Self so that you can experience a sense of wholeness again. This meditation and mantra practice will assist in the forgiveness process as it helps to reconcile the pain inflicted by you and on you. I did this practice back in December and it moved me, which is why I included it for FREE at the end of the blog.

  4. Journaling- when these thoughts and fears start to run wild in your mind, the best thing you can do is put a pen to paper and write. Freely expressing how you feel can bring you back to your center, and clear the negative emotions from your energy field. On my Instagram @modernmusellc I pinned a journaling exercise focused on forgiveness for you to check out.

  5. Lean into your Truths- Truth is, You are a divine, infinite, spiritual being. You are source. You are love and light. You are a miracle. Your thoughts become things, so keep loving and kind words in your mind. Say these truths to yourself over and over and over again, until they become your reality. You are so much more than your negative thoughts. Always remember your light. And just in case that wasn't enough, here are some mantras saturated with loving-kindness: May I be free from suffering and pain. May I be loved and know love. May I feel peace of mind. And so it is.


What is Ho'oponopono- aside from a really fun word to say, it is a powerful healing tool and practice that we are going to dive into today.

Ho'oponopono Practice: used for deep gratitude . This can be used on yourself, and to extend out to others that have hurt you, or that you have hurt. The person doesn't need to be physically present, sometimes it's better if they aren't because it's not healthy to re-enter into that relationship. So know that this meditation is just as effective when practiced on your own.

Benefits of this practice:

  • Promotes reconciliation

  • Encourages accountability

  • Minimizes feelings(negativity)

  • Restores self-love

I invite you to bring into your awareness a memory or experience, that you feel ashamed or hurt by. Take your time and let whatever comes up, come up. Then when you are ready, move through this meditation and mantra practice. Visualize the experience as you forgive yourself and others.

Say to yourself or the other person:

  1. Forgive Me: Ask for forgiveness

  2. I'm Sorry- Saying this can be very emotional and is equally as healing. You are taking responsibility which is a huge step in releasing and letting go.

  3. Thank you- Gratitude

  4. I love you- this is powerful because it reminds you that you are unconditionally loved.

Repeat as often as needed.

The Light in me Honors the light in You,


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