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Navigating Through Change: Breaking Free from Resistance

Navigating Through Change...

Can you feel the change happening in the air. There is this shift in our consciousness that is occurring within us, and thus all around us. I know I have been feeling it, and it mimics that of a roller coaster or. a wave in the ocean. Some days you feel so tuned in, and other days it just feels like stagnancy, this weird uncomfortable energy that you're not too sure what to do with. It's like we can see that we have outgrown our shells, but have yet to fully develop the new shell yet. The angels say it's okay to feel uncomfortable, we are releasing so much as a collective right now and so many of us are asking the the question, "what's next?"

Well, I don't know, but I do whenever I tap into the energy of the collective, I feel this huge positive shift as we are awakening and remembering our cellular soul blueprint.

That blueprint may be mirrored or understood by feelings of joy and expansion. Perhaps you are looking to receive more joy in your life, but don't know where to turn to receive this high vibration. And while you are in this transitory state, there's this underlying resistance energy, like the things that you have been doing no longer seem to fit as they once did.

Trust me when I say, you aren't alone in these feelings. On Monday, I was fixated on this one area of my business, and I told myself I had to get things done because that was what business peeps do, but I kept hitting this large wall of resistance. Why? Because I wasn't meant to focus on that area in that moment.

I share this piece of my life and thoughts because things that we feel we should be doing, perhaps are just not in alignment right now or in this period of our lives, and that's okay. We are called to listen to that. A message that I received today, was stop forcing things to happen and allow your creativity to flow naturally. When I am not forcing things in my life or in my business that's when magic literally happens, and especially when I am out connecting with nature, and I haven't been.

So what do we do when we find ourselves in these situations/life lessons to help bring us back into alignment with our greater truth and joy?

Well for starters, we must forgive ourselves for beating against a brick wall, and take a moment to reflect on the greater lesson and story here. Asking ourselves why- why are we resisting, why are we choosing to fight instead of letting go?

Once we do surrender and forgive ourselves, the world becomes much more clear because we have calmed the seas that flow within us. Know that while we all move through this transition into a lighter and higher vibration, we are going to hit walls of resistance, and when we do, we forgive ourselves and let go, in order for Spirit to come in and show us the way.

Thanks for listening.

Love Always,


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