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Setting Intentions- What Energy Are you Wearing?

Let me ask you a very serious question...what energy are you wearing right now?

Setting Intentions 101

We select our energy like we select our clothes. We dress ourselves in our intentions, and call in that energy to guide us through the day. That's why intentions are so powerful. When we write out our intentions in the morning, we are setting the tone for our days. We get to consciously co-create how we feel and what we experience based on that intention.

When we embody the intention, we are attuning ourselves to that frequency, thus everything we see, smell, taste, experience will carry that vibration.

Intentions aren't a set it and forget it type of vibe, they are a set it and embody it. We are here to embody the higher frequencies because that is what we are. We are not separate from them, we have just forgotten how they feel. Through embodiment practices, such as the embodiment of your intentions, you are attuning to the frequencies of God/Universe/Source.

How beautiful, is that remembrance? To remember what joy feels like, looks, smells like, and sounds like. It's a gift, that allows your souls to feel the freedom that it longs for. To be free from what has kept us stuck, and held in that fear-state of the lower level vibrations.

So, set your intentions for how you would like your day to feel, and then embody that feeling. If at any point, you notice that you are swaying into a different energy (a lower energy), witness and call yourself back to joy, or set a new intention for another high vibration. Sometimes we have multiple outfit changes throughout the day because our energy shifts, that's long as you continue to be aware of how you are feeling and adjust as needed.

Of course, I provided some free resources to empower your soul embodiment practices. Below, you'll find a few journal prompts as well as a ritual you can use to help set your intentions.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What does it feel like to embody ___ vibration?

  2. What does seeing through the lens of ___ look like?

  3. What does speaking from ___ vibration sound like?

  4. How do I feel now knowing I have the power to choose my energy everyday?

Intention Ritual Starter Pack:

okkkkkkay!!! so fun guys!

Find a quiet space, whether that be in your room or in a fav meditation spot in your house, you know which spot calls to you!

Now, if you have a candle nearby, light it, and call in your angels while doing so.

If you have a piece of citrine nearby, def use it to set your intentions as it will help bring you that boost of inspiration and sunshine to ignite your day (and solar plexus chakra :) )

Okay, now that we have set the mood, go ahead and drop into your hearts center with a few anchoring belly breaths. When you are ready, ask you heart to speak its intentions for the day.

While you are in this sacred space, visualize what it feels like to embody your intention. What are you doing? How are you speaking? What is unfolding for you as this intention carries your day? Just sit with whatever comes to you, and once you have your intention and have visualized for a solid 4-6mins, take your journal and write down your intentions, and what your experienced in your heart-centered visualization.

Thanks so much for tuning in to this episode of Soul Talk, I pray that this grows your awareness, and you have fun choosing which frequency you ride on each and everyday!!!

Much love,


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