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To the Creative

Look into my eyes and you shall see the creative spirit that lies within thee. Splashing in the rainbow of color and making a mess, creating something from nothing, no one would have guessed. For you see beyond the natural and focus on the inner heart of glory, you let it reign and thus are able to share with the world your true and beautiful story. You are the artist, you are creation, now go ahead and watch as your gifts blossom into such a sweet sensation.

I am creative by nature, so I relate to this bouquet on a deep level. When Marjie and I thought of the flowers, she knew right away how to bring my vision to life. Working with people like her truly inspires the creative that lives in all of us. Every time I see pictures of the bouquet I am blown away by its beauty. This creation makes my heart leap with joy and my soul vibrate into a different dimension.

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