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crystal candle
  • To Thyself Be True


    Introducing our "To Thyself Be True" crystal candle, specially crafted to enhance your spiritual healing journey. This powerful candle is infused with reiki and sacred activations, promoting the balance of the divine feminine energy within you. By harnessing the energy of the crystals (amethyst and opalite), and the power of intention, this candle acts as a tool for inner reflection and healing. Whether you're looking to tap into your intuition or connect with your higher self, the "To Thyself Be True" candle is a beautiful addition to your spiritual practice. Ignite the flame and let the soothing scent and energy of this candle guide you towards self-discovery and empowerment.


    Who is this candle for? Any woman who is seeking to bring her feminine essence back into balance. If you are looking to tap into your intuition, and unleash your feminine power, this candle is for you. Every time you light this candle, it is an acitvation calling you home to the divinity that lays within. 


    Candles comes with a FREE divine feminine meditation when you scan the QR on the back of the candle. 


    Because this is not just a candle, but an entire activation and ceremony back into your divine feminine essence, I've also included a divine feminine crystal grid activation you can use when the candle is finished burning. Link to come soon! 

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