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Work with Me!

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Dark Celestial Aesthetic Dily Affirmation Instagram Story.png

Welcome to the cosmic playground! Here you will find several ways to work with me, so you can start living your BEST life today! 

Angelic Offerings 


Angelic Reiki Healing

Reiki offers a complimentary approach to healing as we work with the energetic body and the chakras to bring you back into alignment.


Yoga & Guided Meditation

Offered in Private or Small Group Sessions, perfect to get grounded right before a big event! These sessions offer an intimate experience for you to feel more connected to Mother Earth and the present moment.


Spiritual Coaching Program

Are you craving guidance, support, direction? I am here to guide and teach you how to align to your spiritual center and bring clarity to your soul's mission. 


These private sessions are intended to bring personal transformation, deepen your awareness/self-discovery, and enhance your intuitive gifts.  


Intuitive Angel Readings

Seeking clarity and guidance in your life? These sessions are intended to provide messages and direction from your angelic team, and assist with opening up your own spiritual gifts!


Build Your Own Energy Healing Session

Looking for Empowerment? Cleansing? Wealth?  In these sessions, you have the opportunity to create a customized blend of energy you’d like your cells to be infused with. I will call in and  channel the specific spirit guide that corresponds to your energetic needs. Whatever you are seeking, there is a guide for that.


Angel Class

 Have you ever wanted to talk directly with your angels? Have you seen angelic signs, but weren't quite sure of what they meant? Well my beautiful souls this angel class is for you!!! The angel class acts as a gateway to the higher realms of consciousness, where our angels will lead us through meditation, channeled writing experiences, and communicate with us via oracle cards! 

"Amanda is such a kind-hearted, beautiful soul that radiates from the inside out and lights up every room. Working with Amanda came at the perfect time. I was fascinated with how on point everything was with where I am in my life today. I highly recommend Amanda!" - Andrea S. 

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