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Your Inner Child is a Magician

An ode to all the inner children out there.

"May we feel safe to express ourselves in our childlike wonder. May we have the courage to be seen. May we have the bravery to march to the beat of our own drum. May we carry the note of our inner children for years and years to come. Paint however you wish to paint your world, knowing that it is of God, because it is of you. Our inner children are here to free us from the shackles we have placed on our hands and around our ankles. As your hands are freed, welcome them home with open arms. Let them show you how to create from the place of enchantment and innocence. Your inner child is calling, and I pray that you answer."

So the other day aka yesterday, I was in a funk- like totally was in my feels, but I really wanted to get some work done, so I asked God to change my point of view.

And here's what happened next.

As I was driving, I was calling in the masters, angels, and my higher self- and then BAM! It hit me. "Call upon my inner child"- I heard this voice say.

Our inner child is MADE for turning doom & gloom into enchantment & magic. So right then and there, as I was driving, I activated and called in my inner children from all lifetimes and bodies to be with me for the remainder of my day. In an instant my mood and outlook shifted. Thank you, God.

I feel like sometimes we forget that our inner child is here to help us turn clouds into rainbows, or funky energy into joy and magic. When we choose to call in and channel the inner child, we are living in a realm of bliss, playfulness, and joy. Those are powerful energies. If I'm ever having a weird morning or start to my day, I am definitely calling in my inner child to be present.

And to go even further, we have multiple inner children. We have lived many lifetimes, and within these lifetimes we have been children (some star children, some human children- children none the less) So why not call upon ALL of your inner children to come and assist you in whatever you are asking for.

1:11 as I write this which is a reflection of the power of the message of the inner child. When we tune into the I AM presence of our inner children, we are brought to new energetic heights because the child knows no limits. Children live in the world that God created before society conditioned and programed them to think otherwise. When we tune into the spirit of the inner child, we are tapping into the infinite wisdom that is available to us in every moment. We get to see through the lens of laughter, love, and freedom.

Children truly see the world in all of its cosmic imaginative wonder, and we have that readily available, right here, right now, its only a matter of what energy we choose to channel and resonate in.

So whenever life gets you down, and you are seeking a way to realign the energy you are sitting in- call upon your inner child to come in and support you throughout your day. They will teach you how to play in the rain, turn lemons in lemonade, and see snow piles as forts. Our inner child is one of our greatest mentors and teachers, let them lead you.

They will truly bring bliss into your life.

Below I am sharing with you a few ways to call in and activate the energy of your inner child from all lifetimes and spiritual bodies. Have fun and remember don't take life so seriously! :)

Inner Child DNA Activation From All Lifetimes:

"I ask Creator to bring forth the light, laughter, love, enchantment, and playfulness held within my inner child across all lifetimes, bodies, and incarnations. May the energy of all my inner children guide me, lead me, support me, and uplift me throughout my day. Thank you for the love and laughter I feel now. Thank you for the support and energy that has awakened within me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and so it is. "

Creating an Inner Child Crystal Grid:

Crystals and crystal grids are an inner child's dream, and straight up so much fun to play with and create from! To help harness and ignite the power of your inner child, create a crystal grid in their honor. I recommend going and grabbing any crystals that truly speak to your inner child (sparkly ones are always a great option, same goes for angel aura quartz).

Let your inner child place the crystals where they feel called and see what manifests from there. Then I recommend pulling a card or two from an oracle deck, to bring through specific messages from your inner child. These messages and the energy of the cards are going to amplify the grid, almost creating an altar for your inner child.

Then if you have a candle, go ahead and light it-and say the following activation prayer, and set your intentions to bring your inner child crystal grid to life.

Inner Child Crystal Activation Prayer: "May this crystal grid be infused with the vibration of my inner children from all lifetimes and spiritual bodies. May the energy from this crystal grid contain elements of joy, laughter, fun, playfulness, adventure, spontaneity, creativity, and enchantment. Thank you to the masters, angels, and guides that watch over my inner child. Thank you to the crystal consciousness for evoking this energy now.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and so it is. "

Here is the crystal grid my beautiful soul sister, Lisa & I created to honor our inner children yesterday!

inner child healing
Inner Child Crystal Grid

My prayer is that story awakens you to the power of your inner child, knowing they are here to help you move through some of the denser energy, and awaken your heart to its wholeness.

Much Much Love!!!


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