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Surrender to the Flow

Hi friends!

Welcome back to this spiritual hub where you can find all things related to stepping into your highest self and your highest timeline.

Today, I feel like keeping things pretty light because we are moving through SOOOOO much right now, and TBH I'm tired, but I am here and I am showing up which is how we tell the universe, we are ready to receive.

I feel like we are in a timeframe when our manifestations are truly being brought to reality because we have worked so deeply on nurturing our heart. We are aligning with the people we are meant to align with, and surrendering what no longer serves us.

A key word as you move through this week is Surrender. We are being asked to surrender fully to God, and go with the flow, For some this may be easier than for others, but I encourage all of us to tune into the rhythms of our heart and allow our inner holy temples to be our guide.

So, when we surrender we are truly taking a backseat and allowing ourselves to receive miracles on a larger scale. We release control, and we say IDK God, show me. Show me the way forward, and I shall follow.

In this blog post, I am here to provide you with a few ways to surrender into the now.

How do we cultivate a practice of surrender?

  1. Ask your cells what they need- Just how God speaks to us, we can speak to our cells and ask our body what it needs. We are surrendering into the relationship of the spirit and the body, and sometimes the body whispers and relax. (aka what my body said to me today) So whatever your body says to you, listen and surrender into that relationship.

  2. Go with the Flow- We have the power to create our day with our intentions, and we can set the dial to flow state. When we are in the flow of things, ideas and inspiration come to us more easily because we are in a mode of receptivity. So move like water, baby.

  3. Letting Go of Negative Thoughts- As you become aware of the thoughts that are ruminating in your mind, you have the ability to surrender those thoughts over to God. When we continue to surrender thoughts that don't serve us we are able to come back to our christ center, or our highest self. As we continue to do this, we notice a shift in consciousness and thus, a shift into a higher timeline.

  4. Have Fun- Life is meant to be enjoyed, so take those moments of quiet stillness and be with yourself. Let Mother Nature guide you on a journey, and let your day unfold to reveal all the gifts that were intended for you.

My prayer is that you step into a state of surrender this week, and allow life to lead you down your most exciting path yet. Thank you so much for tuning in, and I hope you have the best week ever!



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