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A Season, A Reason, Or a Lifetime - Loving Yourself 

Learning To Love Yourself

Ever since I was a little girl, I always thought that my knight and shining armor was going to come and save me, but I realized that movies paint a picture of an illusion. This illusion paints a perception that love is outside of yourself. So long, I have waited and changed, and held onto relationships that didn't serve me because I was still trying to paint this picture that I saw in movies from my childhood.

It is time to unplug from that programming and come home to the recognition that we are our own knights with shining armor. We are the sacred masculine and divine feminine.

I have come to the realization that in order to attract the qualities that we seek in a partner, we must learn how to cultivate these qualities within ourselves. I have also learned that God’s love is the only love that has truth. What I mean by that, is seeking and understanding God’s love within yourself, and seeing those qualities reflected in others. The unconditional love of our Creator is what unites us as a collective.

And sometimes, we may not be an energetic match with whoever shows up in our lives. However, when we surrender the relationship over to the Holy Spirit and allow for the Holy Spirit to show us the truth behind the encounter, we see the lessons, we see the gifts, we see more of ourselves.

Through the lens of the Holy Spirit, we see the love of God that lives within each of us.

That is why it is equally as beautiful when people come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime because we have this beautiful opportunity to break open our own hearts, and allow for something much greater to show us the way forward through our own healing.

Every relationship is a reflection of your own soul. If your soul is in need of healing, the Holy Spirit is going to send someone to help you grow and learn that lesson, so that you can receive more of your divinity, and remember the purity of your being.

Movies may want to depict that we are separate from unconditional love, from love itself, but that couldn't be further from the truth because we are love. God created us, and forever we shall be within God. God is love and thus we are love. So let this be a reminder of a few things:

  1. When we perceive love outside of ourselves, we will always feel disconnected from God.

  2. We are the sacred masculine and divine feminine, cultivating unconditional love for every part of ourselves. You see, when we can be our own best partner, that is when we attract who and what is meant for us because we have found it within ourselves.

  3. When we surrender our relationships over to the Holy Spirit we see how the Holy Spirit heals us through connections with others.

I pray for your surrender, for your courage to let the Holy Spirit dwell within you and your relationships, and for peace to be found within yourself. We hold all the love we need, and when we find that love and start living from that sacred space, that is when we attract the same qualities within others.



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